Google adsense is the Number one most trusted AD network around the world and just with that every newbie and Pro bloggers wants to see adsense run through there sites as a source for exchanging traffic for money, But the major things this days is that Google and there teams have put a hard work into the Google adsense Approval process which simply means that if your blog aren’t meeting up to some specific order as been requested by Google Adsense Policies your blog might end up joining the google disapproval trash can, And that could be annoying cause Everyone loves adsense and will love to earn from Google,

So if you have previously applied for google adsense and you have been disapproved then let tell you why you have been disapproved so i am going to list and explain some few and important reasons why Google adsense have disapproved you, and how you should fix them, so now that i am about to explain this to you why not relax take a deep breath grab a cup of coffee or pepsi with some chips and read along with me

NOTE: Google Algorithm for adsense approval are calculated in different statistic


Page load time is the number one factor for Adsense approval as many bloggers today love to use Custom templates without considering the load time, Just as much as google include page load time among it ranking factor then also know that your blog has to be free and simple for adsense teams to access for example Google don’t want to serve it Ads on a slow website because google consider the fact that


if your site is slow you are not getting visitors you are loosing them, there are many custom template that are coded beautifully and the beauty are made up from Javascript and Css so if you are using a custom templates and you are not backing it up with max cdn or Cloudflare Paid version then don’t be too serious for adsense cause adsense teams won’t approve your request, cause blog load time are the major factor for adsense disapproval for so to re-apply for google adsense make sure you have work on your page load time you can use this link below to know How you can speed up your blog and increase your page load time



Content stealers don’t get approved for google adsense that just the major thing cause google knows when a content is Original and the rightful owner when you steal too much content and you re-blog it for your own visitors other Ads network may approve you based on traffic you are getting but google won’t approve you because they consider your blog to lack Quality, so if you are a content thief then try to stop stealing other people’s content without their permission to do that, this are the factor for adsense disapproval for copyright

IMAGES: If you check my blog you will not see any image i uploaded that is from google search engine all image here are self hosted by me and also created by me only few are re-designed by mso that what google wants, if you use any image from google remember that your adsense approval is been moderated by humans and not robots so once they find out that your blog images are copied images you will get a response that ” Site does not comply with adsense policies” that just the truth like me when i don’t use photoshop i use to make a quick image for my blog post so the truth about it is to upload pictures you create yourself and edit yourself once you keep doing this you can start uploading other image from online after google approved your adsense

CONTENT COPY: Like i said earlier if you think you are smart then that left with you, There are many bloggers out there who steal other people’s content and recreate them by just editing one or two lines and tag it to become there own, well if you are one of them and adsense is not approving you then know now that you should stop it cause Google will forever keep disapproving your blog until you learn your mistake, Google teams are very wise so to better solve this problem is stay adsense free which is do not copy other people’s content, If you like someone content and feel you want to show it to your visit write relatedly to it differently don’t just copy it and paste it dosen’t work that way


Once you create a site and guide it with a privacy policy it makes google believe that yes you know what you are doing, Many newbie today go online and copy other peoples privacy policy believing it all works the same” you can’t go and copy an Music entertainment blog Privacy policy and paste it in Fashion blog” it doesn’t work that way, Google can’t approve your adsense if it not corresponding with your site that the truth, i know you will be wondering what has google adsense got to do with privacy policy, well don’t see it that way like i said above Google algorithm are calculated in many statistic, Google believes that every blog or website must have a privacy policy which tells the visitors that you are protecting them against internet manipulations, Google consider themselves to be your visitor as well and without a privacy policy it simply means you are telling everyone that your site is not guarded, Just as much as google wants to show their ads on your site, then privacy policy is needed


Here comes the best of all, I believe we all know what a domain registrar means, well for those that don’t know use link below to start our blogger guild for newbie or if you are not a newbie you can still use it


There are thousands of domain and hosting companies, this companies may serve you well and help you host your site at it fullest, but if you are already using a custom domain it Nice but if you are about to purchase a domain i recommend Go – daddy or Google Domain for you those companies are trusted by google and while you host with them there are chances that google will give your blog a consideration for approval while they are still other Domain registrar trusted by google such as:
InMotion Hosting


The month the years and the week or day you created your bog is also a part of what Google use in approving your adsense well this step 5 might not be too compulsory to work on not like in India a blog must be 6 month Old before google adsense will approve the blog to start showing ads,so if your blog is Aged then there are chances that your blog is set out for Adsense approval, Remember don’t just create a blog and after 5 days you apply for google adsense NO please give it a space for at least 1 -2 month before thinking of adsense


We may not know what your Alexa rank is but do know that google adsense also use Alexa rank to calculate your blog ranking and if Alexa can give you a good credit then there are chances that your blog will be approved for adsense Work on your Alexa rank it is very compulsory


As a blogger who wants to apply for google adsense there is one thing you must know which is your post quality also known as Rich content, Google loves new things and the more you are giving them new things the more Google loves you, Many newbie bloggers start there blog today and in less than 4 days with the sum of 4 to 5 post they will apply for google adsense, Well i will say with 4 – 5 Quality post you can be considered for google adsense depending on the traffics and backlinks but with 4-5 post that are not quality google won’t approved your blog instead you get a reply from there team with – Insufficient content to apply for the adsense publishers program


and that just to let you know that you really need to work hard in creating more post, Rich content are contained with many ways of explaining it No.1 this is that A Quality post are post that people love it generate a continuous traffics even after many month of writing it, It still getting clicks google consider that as a very Rich content use the link above to learn how to create a quality post


Why i made this topic number 8 is because lately google seems to be changing traffic as adsense factor for approval it now seems that Quality post are higher than traffic, well it trade by batter which is more like if you have the ideas of creating a quality post then you can be Enlisted for Happy adsense Publisher in other words you can just keep looking for traffics or better still work on the two it will give you more chances to be approved for google adsense so in a simple diagram adsense is now about Average traffics and more Quality post | Then after google prove your adsense then you can start look for massive and large traffics cause remember that without traffics no earnings for you


If you are very fond of using social media, Forums, Directories, etc to gain traffics for your site with backlinks we won’t say it bad but try know the site that you are posting on cause there are some site that is contained with spam which have been flagged by google and once google trail a link to your site it also tells google that your site is Spam which might get you into adsense trouble


Re-apply for google adsense after making use of all this tips i listed above and give me the testimony of how you were been approved cause with what i have explain above Google must approve you it an assurance

Now i have given you 10 tips and tutorial on how you can stand again for google adsense most people have give up for adsense trial but with this tutorial at least you now know your error and how to solve them please leave your comment below if you have Question we will be here to always answer your question

NOTE: Hope you don’t mind leaving a comment below if you have any query, we want to know our visitor cause we will be given free gift to our potential visitors we don’t want you to be left out just comment below so we will be keeping record till date



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